FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : Can I join a class that has already started?

Yes, you can join almost all ongoing classes at any time, but there are some classes, for example ones leading to qualifications, in which you cannot join after the class has started.
When joining an ongoing class, fees for the lessons you have missed are deducted from the fees you have to pay.
For many classes, being at a different level will not cause any problems, but you may observe a class (for free) or take a trial lesson (charged) to check the level of the class before you join.

Q2 : The basic length of a course is three months. Can I continue taking a course after that?

Yes. The "3 month" or "6 month" course designation is a term to allow for the payment of fees in advance. Most students repeatedly re-sign for courses at the end of each term. There are students who have been taking a course for 20 or 30 years. Please continue taking a course that you are enjoying.

Q3 : What happens if the trains stop or are delayed due to an accident or a typhoon etc.?

If Yomiuri Culture decides to cancel a class we will contact all the students as quickly as possible and reschedule the class.

Q4 : If I am absent from a class will my student fees be refunded? If I am transferred to another location, or I have to go into hospital, what will happen regarding fees?

As a rule, if you are absent from class due to personal reasons, neither student fees will be refunded nor will classes be rescheduled.
If you are transferred, or have to enter hospital or for similar reasons are unable to continue taking lessons, once you have completed the necessary procedures at the center, the fees for remaining lessons will be refunded. However, please note that a processing fee will be charged.

Q5 : I was a member of YC a few years ago, but I haven't taken a course for a long time. Will I have to pay for membership before starting courses again?

No. There is no time limit to membership. Once you have become a member you can take classes at any Yomiuri Culture Center nationwide.

Q6 : Are there any discounts available when applying for membership? And what do I need to bring with me when I apply?

There are discounts available depending on your age.

  • The membership fee is free for all people over 65 years of age and for all children of elementary school age or younger.
  • If someone in your family is already a member, the membership fee is halved for each additional person who joins.
  • The membership fee for junior-high school and high school students is half price, except when someone in the family is already a member, in which case the membership fee is free.

Except in certain special cases, there is no need to show any form of identification when you apply for membership.

Q7 : Please tell me about methods of payment

Before joining or taking a course, please come to the reception at the culture center and pay either in cash or by credit card. If you continue take a course for 2 or more terms, payment should be made by direct bank transfer. For students who take outdoor courses or special open courses and don't have many opportunities of coming to the culture center, it is also possible to pay at convenience stores.

Q8 : What kind of instructors are teaching at Yomiuri Culture?

Professional teachers with a wealth of experience teach courses in a way that is easy for beginners to understand.

Q9 : Are there any exhibitions or events to show what we have learned?

Yomiuri Culture sponsors various exhibitions and performances for dance classes etc.