Tokushima Awa Dance Workshop in Asakusa,Tokyo! /外国人向け、徳島阿波おどりイベント【Admission Free/入場無料】

吹鼓連画像.jpgExperience Tokushima Awa Dance in English.
Enjoy an Awa Dance performance and learn about the history and highlights of Tokushima Prefecture and Awa Dance.


Let's enjoy dancing to the traditional call:

The Dancers are fools

The watchers are fools

Everyone's a fool

So you might as well dance!




When: Monday September 23rd 2019

Time: 1pm-2pm  1pm-2pm_click here.jpg

    3pm-4pm  3pm-4pm_click here.jpg

    1 hour per workshop.


Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center 6th Floor

(located in front of Asakusa Kaminari-mon Gate)

※In the case that the workshop is not fully booked, we will hand out tickets outside the Tourist Information Center 30 minutes before the start on the day of the event.


30 persons per workshop


Please send an email to Yomiuri Culture at

Sponsored by:

Tokushima Prefecture and Yomiuri NTV Culture Center

Supported by :

Taito Ward

The First Year of Reiwa:

From the Tokyo Metropolitan Area to the World! A Project to Spread Tokushima Charm


時 間:午後1時~2時、午後3時~4時 1時間の体験会です。

会 場:浅草文化観光センター6階(浅草雷門前)

定 員:各回30名 

問い合わせ: 読売・日本テレビ文化センター(よみうりカルチャー)メール

主 催:徳島県/読売・日本テレビ文化センター

後 援:台東区/令和元年首都圏から世界へ!とくしま魅力拡散事業委託業務